The first post

Hi everyone. This weblog is concerned with the dissemination and discussion of ideas on Maya hieroglyphic decipherment. As I write this and learn the ways of blogging, it’s impossible to know if the format will work the way I would like it to, so for now experimentation is the name of the game. I plan to routinely post ideas and observations on epigraphy and related topics, and invite colleagues from the world of Mesoamerican studies to provide feedback. Some of the ideas I will be sharing are certainly from “the archives,” maybe even scribbles from my notebooks of a decade or more ago, but it’s high time to get it all out there, even when they now seem old and half-baked.

My posts will be intermittent, maybe even infrequent at times, but I’m determined to keep this up as time permits. I also very much hope that colleagues will want to chime-in with their own posts, giving Maya Decipherment a life of its own as a compelling forum for discussing and sharing advances in the field.