o-ba-ma-a 11








Now for something completely different.

Usually this weblog is for Maya glyph news and the exchange of scholarly ideas, but I’m shifting gears a bit today to offer a political twist on things. Last night I designed a glyph for “Obama,” and through the miracle of the internet anyone can now purchase t-shirts, coffee mugs, tote bags, etc., from the store now up on the cafepress website. Please feel free to spread the word. 

By the way, I make no money at all on this. It’s just for the fun (weirdness?) of it, and to express support for Barack Obama during our all-important election here in the US.

“Mayanists for Obama” on-line store


  1. Dear David,

    This is wonderful. On the SUNY campuses we are not allowed to wear political buttons while teaching. This will help to trump that prohibition.

    best to you,


  2. Dear Dr. Stuart,

    This is wonderful! You should send one to Obama. I wonder… what’s the glyph for a pig in lipstick? Hmmm…just curious. Cheers!

  3. Dear Dr. Stuart,
    As always you are ON IT! Thank you for the Obama glyph. I’m sure you are aware that while “Barack” means “blessed or blessed one,” “Obama” signifies “Burning Spear.” Powerful names for a powerful gentleman. Merry Christmas, by the way…

  4. David Stuart!

    I should expect no less from you!
    Hope you are well.

    I just saw Nova’s “Cracking the Maya Code”.

    However you write your own name in Maya glyphs, be sure to add the symbol for “gift” and “great”!

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