Two Unpublished Glyph Observations from 1988

Back in 1988 I wrote and circulated to colleagues these two short glyph notes which I’ve just recently dug out of my files. One raised the possibility of a sa value for the sign we used to call the “double-comb,” and another pointed out the graphic origins of the k’u syllable sign, inspired by the then-recent descovery of the early text on the so-called “Hombre de Tikal.” Here they are posted for many others to see now, as historical curiousities of ’80s-style Maya epigraphy.

Maya Glyph Observations, no. 1. On the Graphic Origins of k’u (March 10, 1988)

Maya Glyph Observations, no 2. Is the “Double-Comb” is Syllable sa? (August 31, 1988)

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