The 2014 Maya Meetings: Tikal and its Neighbors

Stela 31 Tlaloc shieldThe 2014 Maya Meetings begin next week in Antigua, Guatemala, devoted to “Tikal and its Neighbors.” The conference will include workshops and a symposium devoted to the latest research on the archaeology and history of the central Peten region.

I and other contributors to Maya Decipherment will be in attendance, and there will probably be some interesting items to report after the conference. Regular posts on Maya Decipherment will resume later in January. A happy New Year to all.

One thought on “The 2014 Maya Meetings: Tikal and its Neighbors

  1. athenacgy January 5, 2014 / 8:12 PM

    Dr. Stuart, best wishes for you and your family in this New Year! I also hope you and all the researchers have a very productive and beneficial conference in Guatemala.
    Thanks again for writing this blog! I look forward to your upcoming posts.
    Best regards,
    Claudia Guajardo-Yeo

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