NEWS: Recent Epigraphic Finds at El Peru 2

IX ikoom

The El Peru Regional Archaeological Project has announced some significant epigraphic discoveries made over the past two seasons, focusing on two new inscribed monuments, numbered Stela 43 and 44. These include some interesting new historical characters and hints at wider regional politics of the 6th century, a time that is still poorly understood in Maya history overall.

Press release from Washington University in St Louis

Press Release from the Guatemalan Ministerio de Cultura y Deportes


  1. Very interesting stuff, and congratulations to the project team for yet another cool find (and it’s been yet another great season of important discoveries in Maya archaeology).

    I would suggest a slightly different reading of one of the royal names on the side of Stela 44. It looks to be spelled wa-o-ma U-CH’AB AHK, using an early head variant for ahk, “turtle,” in the final block (rather than TZ’IKIN as given in the reports).

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